Xenon inhalation therapy

What to expect after inhalation of Xenon?

 Xenon gas is inhaled and it reaches your brain within minutes, showing rapid results. It acts by manipulating chemical balance in your brain and boosting its health. Your brain has receptors that make thing happen in your brain by sending different messages and xenon has a friendly relationship with this receptor. It binds with them and causes productive changes, creating an adaptive environment in your body.

Xenon therapy, particularly effective on your brain, is an amazing depression treatment. Depression messes up the chemical balance of your brain causing low self-esteem and mood swings. It also affects your physiological health causing weight loss and sleep disorders. Xenon therapy relieves depression by putting chemical balance back in the wellness limit. Its adaptogenic and nootropic properties soothe stress and relieve anxiety.

Xenon therapy also helps in complicated brain problems. It shows promising results in the management of pain in fibromyalgia. It improves the well-being of Parkinson's patient. Considering its healthy effects on stress levels, it helps people suffering from post-traumatic stress disorders.

Xenon therapy also shows positive results in alcohol rehabilitation because it helps the brain deal with addition issues. It interacts with brain areas, reduces the physical and psychological dependence to alcohol and brings your brain and body back to a normal life.

It also helps newborn babies with brain problems. It has long been a part of normal health care of new-born babies with brain injuries, to provide them brain protection.

At the Xenon Clinic, the client himself will assess his health conditions for Xenon treatment. Our therapists will be available to the client to suggest a solution to their problem and the possibility of alternative help that the client agrees to.

What is Xenon noble gas?

Xenon is a very rare gas. The chemical elements of group 18 of the Periodic Table are known as noble gases. These elements are all gases, including Helium (He), Neon (Ne), Argon (Ar), Krypton (Kr), Xenon (Xe), Radon (Rn), and Oganesson (Og).

 The reason Xenon called 'noble gas is that truly noble. In less cryptic terms, it implies its unusual non-reactivity. To be more scientifically specific, noble gas have filled outer electron shells, which makes it quite less inclined to the idea of reacting with other elements at normal pressures and temperatures. It is not subject to bio transformation and during three to four minutes it xenon gas leaves organism through lungs. In contrast to other pharmaceutical substances used in medicine it is absolutely not toxic, it is indifferent in organism, it does not have side effects,does not causes allergies nor cardio depressive effects, it does not effect morphological composition, blood coagulation and immune system, it does not change neuroendocrine status and it is ecologically clean and harmless.