Patient feedback


 "Thanks to Xenon, I've taken away stress and gained a new and better look at life. It is incredible to improve my conditioning and spiritual development, everything has been greatly improved by every other therapy. I do not deal with rubbish as before, I do not move with life like other people. I can smile more and wish good to other people. Health has improved greatly. Another improvement has occurred in my memory."

Eva a Markur

 "We came to the Xenon therapy with a friend from Germany. After the first therapy a huge inexplicable change for us occurred. Relieved stress, fatigue, depression disappeared. Recharged with energy. Incredibly."

Jana D.

 "Stress, psychic, depression was my big problem which is now resolved a lot after three therapies. It's incredible, and I'm very grateful for my health. I'm glad I could get to know your work and the careful approach of all three therapists - Marek, Pavel and Dominik :-) Thanks a lot."


 "I suffered from migraines for 4 years. After one week of therapy (due to my age) migraine after four years disappeared. Jupíí. Thank you very much."


 "After the first therapy I stopped smoking. It was rather thanks to the councilors of Mark, but in any case I feel better and I like it."

Friends from Marianske Lazne

 "Xenon therapies and the whole team help us greatly in the fight against cancer. We've been given a lot of advice on how to fight it best. I feel that I want to live again. I started to eat a little and my condition is getting better.Thanks to all."


 "In addition I had vaginal problems like many women. After the first therapy these problems disappeared as waving a magic wand. It is unbelievable that this will happened from day to day after many years of suffering. Thank you."


 "The therapies have changed my life. In addition to the beauty that every person experiences in the therapy when I get to another world, everything has changed for me for the better. There are incredible experiences to be experienced. Therapy also has a great significance for me in the spiritual world. Great!"


 "Thanks to therapy, I deprived myself of depression and "wealth", I got a new look at life. I do not understand how it happened, but it's reality."


 "In my life I can not deal with many unpleasant situations for a long time. Alcohol, depression, personality disorders, psychics. It is very complicated. Nothing helped. Xenon gave me a new life and many changes. Thank you very much for Xenon."


 "After three therapies my body was cleanse migraines disappeared menstrual problems disappeared. It's a miracle."


 "Personality development, spiritual development, but also fear of flying. Xenon helped me greatly. In terms of sports it's an incredible change for me. Xenon!"

Jana a Libor

 "We wish the whole team good luck. Let your work help as many people as possible in transformation and awareness. Thank you for the experiences that have been brought to you by my therapies in my life. With Love."


 "After the first therapy finally my back released with which I had long-term problems. I feel very good. I got rid of stress as a bonus."


 "Therapy helped me greatly to deal with depression at work. It also created awareness of why depressions occurred and how to overcome."


 "Every day a bottle of wine ... After the first Xenon therapy, I did not touch wine and I do not know why. I'm glad for that."

Eva a Mirek

 "I have four therapies and I feel like a "motor" mouse. Husband has great memory and walking improvement."

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