Patient feedback

Josef Vaněk

'A friend of mine offered me a Xenon therapy. I did my research on Xenon and found an audio in which man describes amazing effects of Xenon on human organism. On the basis of that I did expect a lot from Xenon. Also because I am diagnosed schizophrenic with broken spine and use pain relievers for about 20 years already. During my therapy I listened to the chakras meditation from Petr Chobot. What I experienced after inhaling xenon for a few minutes I would describe as ecstasy. That was one aspect of the inhalation. Besides that my imagination set in motion and as a result I discovered the basic essence and reason of my health problems. I remembered that already as a child I had suffered from great pains in my legs from knees down when I had laid down in bed. And the pain had lasted till my adulthood. The pain had become a part of me as I had become accustomed to it and my body had adapted to it. That is how my depression had started leading to my spinal injury. Then I relaxed and experienced my meditation as never before, because I was able to visualize everything that was part of the meditation and energize my body and mind to the extend I had been able to attain only a few times in my life. My back pain has not disappeared but because of the therapy I am determined to seek a possible cure for my health issues. Besides that I feel I can cope better with mental and physical stress that presents itself on daily basis. I am looking forward to discovering more about myself during my next therapy and I hope that these therapies will help me attain my life goals.'

Karel Dittrich

'I would like to share with you impressions from my first inhalation therapy... As I mentioned earlier, I have been interested in altered states of consciousness, spirituality and inner development since I was young. I have always assumed that an ounce of practice (thus own experience) is much more worth than a ton of theory...For this reason I have tested the effects of psychedelic drugs as well as non-chemical forms of inner exploration such as holotropic breathing or yoga. Moreover, I have been lucky to meet interesting teachers, but also some charlatans, who made spirituality into business. Although I have heard about Xenon before, I approached my first inhalation skeptically and I was prepared for potential disappointment due to the superlatives man uses when presenting Xenon. I have to say, however, that all my doubts vanished the next day due to heightened states of consciousness that were gentle yet very intense. I am not a stranger to such states; I have experienced them for example after intensive meditations or exercises, as well as after some psychedelic drugs. But in general I haven't experienced them in such a pure form and that surprised me. At times I would describe my perception of this energy using the language of yoga or similar spiritual practices as "Sat, Chit, Ananda" - in Sanskrit, meaning Existence, Consciousness, Bliss...At this moment I am not able to assess the healing potential of Xenon by physical illnesses, but from a spiritual point of view, it is an incredibly potent opportunity. I could almost incredible thing...Similar states of altered consciousness are achieved by some yogis or mystics, sometimes after a lifetime practice and strict exercises. Still, my ego is reluctant to believe that I am able to experience such states only thanks to half an hour of breathing of some gas....:)) The question is of course how a "normal" person would react to it, but if it is as I think, then everyone must experience some positive results. Based on my brief acquaintance with Xenon I dare to say that Xenon inhalation could mean a revolution in the whole paradigm of human perception of existence if it won't be misused, suppressed or falsely discredited. Finally, I would like to say thanks for this opportunity! If possible, I would like to make a new appointment for Xenon inhalation to repeat and deepen my experience.'

Jana D.

'Stress, depressions and psychological issues were my biggest problems. After three therapies my troubles are to a great extent solved. It's incredible! I'm very grateful for improving my health. I am glad I was able to learn more about your work and would like to thank all therapists for their attention and care!'


'I suffered from migraines for 4 years. After one weak therapy ('weak' due to my age) my migraine has disappeared.'


'I stopped smoking after the first therapy following the therapist's advice. I feel better and I am grateful for it.'

Friends from Marianske Lazne

'Xenon therapies and the whole team help us greatly in the fight against cancer. We've been given a lot of advice on how to fight it. I feel better and want to enjoy my life again. I started to eat again a little and my condition is improving. My thanks to all.'


'Besides other issues I had also vaginal problems, as many women have. My problems disappeared after the first therapy as by waving a magic wand. Unbelievable and after so many years of suffering.'


'Inhalation therapies have changed my life! In addition to the beauty that every person experiences during the therapy during which I get into another world, everything around me has changed for the better. Incredible states of consciousness and changes that you need to experience! Moreover, the therapy has had a great significance for me in the spiritual world. Amazing!'


'Thanks to the therapy, I got rid of depression and possessivness, and I got a new life perspective. I don't understand how it happened, but it is my new reality.'


'I am not able to deal with many unpleasant realities of my life such as alcohol, depression, psychological issues, or a personality disorder. It is very complicated. And nothing helped. Xenon has brought many positive changes and gave me a new life. I am so very thankful for Xenon!


'My body got cleansed and my migraines and menstrual problems disappeared after three inhalation therapies.'


'Personality and spiritual development, but also fear of flying. Xenon helped me greatly in these areas. In terms of sports, it's an incredible change for me. Xenon!'

Jana a Libor

'We wish the whole team good luck!' Let your work help as many people as possible in attaining transformation and awareness. Thank you for all changes and experiences that inhalation therapies brought into my life. With Love.'


'I had back issues for a long time. The first therapy relieved my back and I feel great. And as a bonus I got rid of stress.'


'Inhalation therapies have helped me overcome work related depression. In addition to it I realized the cause of my depression and found a way to handle it.'


'Every day a bottle of wine...After the first inhalation therapy I wouldn't touch wine and I don't know why. I am happy for it!'

Eva a Mirek

'I have done four therapies and I feel extremely energized. My husband's memory and walking ability have greatly improved.'

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