Xenon Therapy Rates

Xenon Therapy lasts 25 minutes

Classical Xenon Therapy

Charge is according to your Xenon consumption

CZK 2,400 - CZK 2,600

Strong Xenon Therapy

Charge is according to your Xenon consumption

CZK 2,800

Oberon Measurement

Measurement with the system DYNAMIC TECHNOLOGIES (heart, stress, vitality/strength of the energetic field) 

CZK 500

 For a series of therapies, the price advantage according to the agreement. 
Payments in cash or in advance. 

Detailed description of prices

Prices for basic and strong therapies are determined by the actual consumption of Xenon. If the client buys more therapies in advance, we are willing to calculate the price advantage. We are able to consult with the client about the price advantage even in the case of lack of client's finances in case of a serious health problem (please provide a medical opinion), or to help the child and participate financially in therapy. In the case of minors, the presence of a legal guardian who is assisted in therapy and is fully responsible for the minor is always necessary.

If you have a pacemaker, or if you are pregnant, please do not participate in the therapy. No negative effects have been shown in children from a young age, but also consider the benefit of the therapy to the potential risk.