Personal Experience with Xenon

My experience & feelings during xenon inhalation therapy

Everyone feels & experiences the therapy little differently, but generally at the beginning most people feel a strong influx of pleasant energy. It is as if almost every nerve in your body is suddenly electrified or energetically excited by a certain special, very strong but at the same time very gentle and calming energy. The combination 'calming energy' may sound strange, but it does capture the experience during the therapy. This energy spreads throughout the body and gradually energizes and relaxes all your parts and organs in your body, until you reach a moment of fusion or transition, when this feeling of energy in individual body-parts joins into a single bubble of energy, which gradually changes into the feeling of greatly strengthened self-consciousness or self awareness. 

In yoga-terms we could say that one inhales extremely condensed prana energy, which energizes very strongly both, your body and your consciousness.

As the inhalation progresses, growths the feeling of strengthening and expanding of consciousness stronger and stronger.  One starts to feel how it expands beyond the boundaries of one's own body. At a higher xenon ratio, say over 16%,  this feeling of expansion can be so strong that one may feel that one's consciousness will explode into infinity at any moment, that is, that one will experience what is called samadhi in yogic texts. Of course, this explosion of consciousness, or in fact the connection with infinity, will not occur in most people, because we are not yet sufficiently developed and internally prepared for it. But the beginning of inhalation is really very intense, comparable perhaps only to the experience of a very strong meditation. Most of us have probably never experienced anything like this and of such intensity, so it is naturally difficult to imagine such a thing at all.

Of course, the use of a higher concentration of Xenon is recommended only during the second or next inhalation. And your therapist, who is constantly with you, will before such an increase first request your assurance that you are OK and that you can manage such an intense condition.

After the initial energization and relaxation of the body our attention focuses, somehow automatically, on the feeling of self-awareness (the merging into the feeling of a single "bubble" of self-consciousness).  Because of that the perception of one's own body gradually decreases to a minimum or, more strongly put, the feeling of connection with the physical body slowly dissipates. Of course, you maintain a full control over your body throughout the inhalation, you can move if you for example need to adjust your meditation headphones, but most of the time your attention is diverted elsewhere, to your consciousness. Not being disturbed by the connection with one's own physical body seems much more pleasant at that moment. This is probably the reason why xenon makes it possible to achieve an embodiment of incarnation, if one tries to do so and combines it with other techniques.

This initial phase usually lasts the first few minutes.

Subsequently, one gradually becomes accustomed to this very high energy state and begins to realize, or enjoy this new state of being, a state of very strong bliss. At this stage, it is good to focus our attention either on our own healing, because we know that life energy is concentrated where we focus our attention, or to further deepen this state through our own meditation, which in turn should develop some other aspect of our being or perception.

For the remaining time of inhalation, one mainly enjoys this state of bliss ideally concentrating on one's own guided audio-meditation. It is also possible that one's mind concentrates on the experience and how this experience will be later communicated, which could be disturbing but is very much natural to all human beings.

The end of inhalation is often perceived as the saddest moment of the whole process, which one knows must come, but the cessation of the flow of mental blissful energy and the return to a normal state of consciousness is always a little upsetting.

Personally, I always lay down on the next bed after finishing my own inhalation and continue or repeat my guided audio-meditation for another 30 to 60 minutes. Surprisingly, I manage to "maintain" almost the same level of that blissful meditative state for almost the entire duration of this fading phase, even without xenon. Thus, the strongest state or feeling disappears only half an hour to an hour after the end of inhalation.

If someone does not yet know and would like to experience the feeling or state of a very strong meditation, xenon can mediate it to this day unimaginably fast. (At this point, I would like to point out that today there is a number of scientific studies demonstrating the very positive effect of meditation on physical and mental health, including an increase in cortex, neurons and neural synapses, which leads to a greater brain plasticity.)

After the therapy, for the rest of the day, I would recommend to find a quiet place, best somewhere in nature, and absorb and enjoy the ongoing feelings of inner peace, but also the increased levels of perception or sensitivity.

Long-term effects of xenon therapy

In the days following the therapy, or several repeated therapies, I personally felt a much higher level of both physical and mental energy. I started some personal activities which I had kept postponing and was able to spend long hours of mental concentration studying and working on them.

Probably the most perceived change was a significantly higher connection with my heart, or with some kind of interior of my own personality, which often manifested itself in seemingly ordinary life situations such as looking at beautiful nature, touching film or just reading a passage from a book containing some deeper truth or experience. In response to such a completely normal life situation, a huge amount of energy often and almost unexpectedly erupted directly from my heart, which flooded my whole body again and again with this beautiful blissful feeling often accompanied by tears. This hasn't happened to me for years.

Last but not least, my small pains subsided - sometimes I had a toothache, which I was lazy to see a doctor for at the time. That and other little pains and worries stopped for a while.

In general, the most noticeable effects disappeared in about four to six weeks after the therapies, especially after returning to my busy working schedule. However, some subtle changes in my personality, both mental and spiritual, are indisputably permanent.

May all beings be happy.

Ales Vanek