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"Those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world usually do." Steve Jobs

Xenon Inhalation Therapy May Have These Positive Effects

a.k.a. The Russian Bath

  • Supra-molecular Detoxification
  • Positively Stimulate Brain Activity, Increases Concentration and Psychical Performance
  • Induce Deep Relaxing or Meditative State
  • Reduces Fatigue, Anxiety, Depression and Irritability
  • Under clinical studies to treat P.T.S.D.
  • Stimulate and Improves Metabolism
  • Used in Treatment of Drug and Alcohol Addiction and Alcohol Poisoning

  • Accelerate Rehabilitation and Recovery After Injuries, Illnesses and Surgeries
  • Reduces Headaches
  • Help to Mitigate Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Sleep Disorders
  • Strong Analgesic Effect
  • Acts as an Immune-Stimulating Agent
  • Increases Performance in Sport and in any Physical Activity
  • No Undesirable Side Effects

Xenon Clinic - a new clinic in Prague


The use of Xenon in medicine and psychotherapy has a long tradition in Russia, from where it is gradually spreading to the rest of the world. Xenon was primary used in war conflicts, for its unique sedative and analgesic properties allowing to minimize the death toll caused by the accompanying shock from sever combat injuries. Further it was used as the treatment of post-traumatic syndromes and generally for faster recoveries from all injuries.

In addition, several sources reported that Xenon was inhaled by some athletes before the Sochi 2014 Olympics games, for its strong positive effects on the cardiovascular system and overall athletic performance. Russian team took the most medals there.

In Prague, we are serving our clients since 2018. From these almost two years of experience, holistically serving and consulting our clients and getting their long term feedback, we can definitely conclude that Xenon has tremendous supportive potential in resolving many physical and mental problems in the human body.

Xenon inhalation has primarily a strong regenerative effect, inducing deep inner relaxation, accompanied by very pleasant to euphoric feelings, allowing better connection with our sub-conscious.

According to our experience, already the first Xenon therapy can accelerate one's personal or spiritual growth, potentially replacing weeks or months of intense personal development or meditation work. From our perspective, Xenon acts as a powerful catalyst for human development. First of all, thanks to the strong recharge of the human bio-energetic system, it will charge our bodies with powerful vital, mental and spiritual energy. This is sometimes called Chi, Ki or Prana energy in eastern teachings.

By deep relaxation and by providing large amount of vital force in to the entire human organism, the internal regenerative processes will gradually start. First the physical and then psychological healing or strengthening of the our system will occur.

On a personal or spiritual level, this energy first help us to overcome and remove our internal negative emotions (sadness, fear, anxiety, anger), will help to eliminate our conscious and unconscious mental limitations, as well as unwanted subconscious mental programs. The energy of calmness and inner peacefulness will improve our sleep and relaxation, leading to a further increase in vital and mental energy in the waking state. It is natural that if we purify ourselves and get freed from the strongest negative bonds and at the same time significantly increase our inner energy level, we will be able to make very significant positive changes in our lives. The level and speed of change will primary depends on the amount of such energy one can receive or digest in to the psycho-energetic system. Xenon's energy is the most powerful source of such energy we've ever experienced and yet, it can be carefully dosed by controlling the concentration of the Xenon-oxygen mix in the inhalation apparatus.

So if you are trying to improve your physical condition, financial situation, relationships, or spiritual growth - Xenon is likely to trigger these changes in your life. It should be added that, due to a certain spiritual aspect of the experience, which always accompany the inhalation of Xenon inhalation, these changes will typically be significant yet very harmonious.

Please join us on this journey, which has already begun by dozens of our very satisfied clients. We believe that together we will be able to initiate profound changes in our entire society - for that is our goal!

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Patient feedback 

Eva a Markur

'Me and my boyfriend had come from Germany to try Xenon therapies. After a couple of therapies we experienced an incredible, for us inexplicable, change. Stress and fatigue abated, depressions disappeared and we felt full of energy.


Jana D.

'Stress, depressions and psychological issues were my biggest problems. After three therapies my troubles are to a great extent solved. It's incredible! I'm very grateful for improving my health. I am glad I was able to learn more about your work and would like to thank all therapists for their attention and care!'


'I suffered from migraines for 4 years. After one weak therapy ('weak' due to my age) my migraine has disappeared.'


'I stopped smoking after the first therapy following the therapist's advice. I feel better and I am grateful for it.'

Rates of xenon therapy

Basic Xenon Therapy

25 minutes 

CZK 2,000 

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