About Us

Zuzana Vanek

I work as a Xenon therapist because of my deep wish to help people on their way to physical recovery, psychological healing and spiritual development. Providing Xenon inhalations is my dream coming true! Considering the very positive reactions of our clients, I am convinced that Xenon is a very unique medium on our planet. A medium of a great potential.

In solving their pressing issues, I am happy to offer our clients my skills and knowledge I gained during my personal and professional life in the Czech Republic, Romania and the U.S.A.

In the U.S.A., where I worked as a massage therapist for several years, I discovered and developed the ability to heal by combining my energy and physical touch or massage. I take this ability to be the result of my long-standing yoga practice and my own work with energy.

A serious shoulder injury led me to search for a new position in which I could remain in contact with people on a daily basis. I worked as a real estate agent in the Seattle area and I am still pursuing this carrier in the Czech Republic, on part time basis. It gives me a great satisfaction to be able to find a dream home for our clients. Due to this work I have learnt to value openness and trust in business and interpersonal contact.

In my leisure I pursue hobbies such as singing, painting, and yoga. Singing reminds me of my career of an opera singer I pursued in my youth in Romania, on professional level. Yoga practice marks the beginning of my desire to work with body, energy and consciousness.

I am looking forward to welcoming you in our Xenon clinic! 

Marek Svoboda

My decision to work with Xenon was really simple: it significantly helped me,  many of my friends and other people around me. 

I heard of Xenon from a friend and the information he gave me sounded simply as something too good to be true, yet I decided to give it a try.

At that time, I used to have heavy flues with tonsillitis inflammations and sore throat at least four times a year, together with frequent fatigue or burn-out syndrome.

I barely noticed any change after my first Xenon inhalation, except perhaps that I felt little lighter. But my second and third inhalations, still with relatively small concentration of Xenon at about 15%, really turned my life around. My problems started receding, physical and sexual activity increased, I stopped dealing with banalities and the life become much easier for me. I started sleeping better as I was suddenly able to fall asleep within a normal time. Subsequently my fatigue syndrome disappeared. I was able to sleep 8 hours a day, but I also could function with less sleep - seven or even six hours a day if needed, without any effect on my work or sport performance that day.

So I noticed very positive impact not only at the physical, sexual and psychological level, but I also got much better mental clarity, including the development of what could be called an extra-sensory perception.

I started much healthier diet and to eat much smaller portions, I lost about 15 pounds and I do feel significantly better. Lastly, I was never really an alcohol drinker, but another side-effect of Xenon is that   I prefer to stay almost completely off alcohol. I drink alcohol only at social events.

You can understand that after such a transformational experience I simply wanted to bring this opportunity to as many people in need as possible, so it lead us to open our own Xenon clinic. 

Our Mission 

It is beyond doubt that we live in very challenging times. Humanity is facing urgent problems such as climate change of sudden pandemic. We believe that in order to tackle these problems on a global scale we need humanity to be healthy, strong and self-confident but also to become mindful, compassionate and spiritual. Society of such individuals will be better equipped to deal with the challenges laying ahead.

Xenon could function as a catalyst of transformation of humanity because it has the ability to trigger personal development and accelerate spiritual growth on a large scale. We, humans, have an incredible power within us. If we become aware of it and learn to use it in its greatest potential we can all together change the world!

At the individual level, the transformation happens much faster and it is quickly visible. It is a pleasure to see our clients enjoying and utilizing this truly divine power of Xenon and to help them improve their lives and accelerate their development. That is the primary reason and the biggest reward, for which we have opened our Xenon Clinic.

We feel truly blessed.

Your Xenon Team

Based on our experience, the best way to utilize the power of Xenon is to start with 5 to 10 Xenon therapies. Thereafter, it is sufficient to come back in semi-regular intervals for one to two therapies.