About us

Living without migraines, stress-free, feeling better. Wouldn't it be wonderful to go less to the doctor and not be addicted ...?

My name is Marek Svoboda, I was born on 10. 10. 1974. I believe Xenon for one simple reason - it helped me and helped many other people around me. I heared of Xenon from a friend and the information he gave me was incredible to me. I had to try the Xenon inhalation.

 At that time I was sick I got a flu and tonsillitis four times a year. sore throat, when I couldn't talk a week, eye pain, back pain. For me, however, the biggest problem and handicap was the frequent fatigue syndrome. I did not feel after the first therapy, but I felt easier. The second and third therapies kicked me in and I noticed that I only received about 15% of Xenon. Life has changed, problems have subsided, sports and sexual activity have increased, I have stopped dealing with banality and life has been easier. I slept better and fell asleep easier. the fatigue syndrome disappeared,. I sleep 8 hours a day, but if I need six hours is enough and less sleep has no effect on work or sports activity. I have noticed a positive currency not only in terms of physical, sexual and psychological, but also in terms of mental development. I've never really enjoyed alcohol, but another "side effect" pleased me. Today I do not need to have alcohol at all and, if so, really sporadically. I started a healthier diet, I eat a lot less and I lost 5kg. Our goal was to help people, we took it as a mission and joy.

 Nowadays our clients have a greater percentage of Xenon and thus, for most of them, a greater experience. Yes, Xenon inhalation is for many a storyline that cannot be told.. Most clients nowadays need to get rid of back and bone pain, many people suffer from migraines. Some clients have more serious problems. Almost every woman has a problem with the female genital tract. Many athletes want to reach the highest levels. Last but not least, we are visited by clients who live a spiritual life, because Xenon, according to our experience, pushes spiritual development forward.

We're not doctors. We don't have diplomas We do not treat, we just give the opportunity to try an alternative that we think works exceptionally. Please do not confuse us, not even Xenon, with other sites that are not true. You don't have to trust us, but come to try. To us or elsewhere. We tried it and that's why we believe it. I have been working for a long time to find out what will really entertain me, later I wanted to add an activity that would somehow help people. And ...