The natural power of Xenon for your health,     personal growth and spiritual development!

“I think the things you regret most in life are the things you didn’t do."  Steve Jobs

Did you know that Xenon

  • Induces Supra-Molecular Detoxification
  • Boosts Immune System
  • Enhances Health
  • Stimulates Metabolism
  • Accelerates Injury/Surgery Recovery
  • Speeds up Rehabilitation
  • Increases Physical Activity and Performance in Sport

  • Induces Deep Relaxation and Meditative State

  • Stimulates Brain Activity
  • Increases Concentration
  • Reduces Fatigue, Headaches and Sleep Disorders

  • Reduces Negative Emotions such as Fear, Irritability, Anxiety and Depression
  • Treats PTSD (under study)
  • Treats Drug and Alcohol Addictions

Xenon is a noble gas that can do miracles for you!

You will feel young and healthy! Xenon boosts up your immunity, speeds up your recovery, and improves your general health. Xenon therapy provides you with a feeling of vitality and physical strength. Moreover, it stimulates your metabolism.

You will be successful in anything you do! Xenon increases your energy level to attain your goals at work and at sports. Xenon therapy stimulates your brain activity and detoxifies your body at a molecular level. It helps you stay longer mentally focused and feel physically regenerated and extremely vital.

You will sleep and rest well! Xenon therapy helps you get rid of sleepnessness, headaches and fatigue. It reduces Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and sleep disorders.

You will be fearless and enjoy your life! Xenon takes away your fears, irritability, anxiety and depression. Xenon therapy helps you forget negative emotions and experience joy and harmony.

You will feel blessed and peaceful! Xenon induces a deep relaxation accompanied by a feeling of joy or euphoria. After a number of therapies you are likely to experience a state of deep meditation and a feeling of unconditional love.  

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About Us

We opened our Xenon Clinic in 2018 with the intention to introduce Xenon inhalations and holistic health consultations to the large public. Ever since we have been committed to collecting data on how our clients experience Xenon. Reflecting on our clients' experience we feel confident to say that repeated Xenon inhalations can turn your life around!

First, Xenon inhalation has a strong regenerative effect. That is what most of our clients notice straight away. During your inhalation you experience a deep relaxation accompanied by pleasant to euphoric feelings. Thereafter you feel physically and mentally rejuvenated and vital, which has a very positive effect on your mental capabilities, your physical strength, and your immune system. These effects of Xenon have been repeatedly supported by clinical observations of sick and wounded who have been given Xenon anesthesia in Russian hospitals.

By repeated inhalations is the regenerative effect of Xenon more explicit and more lasting. You get used to think clearly, feel full of energy and have your immunity at its best. In this way a number of Xenon therapies improves your health and accelerates your advancement in personal (physical, mental, emotional) and spiritual develpment, replacing weeks or months of intense work.

For example, several sources reported that Xenon was inhaled by Russian athletes before the Sochi 2014 Olympics Games, for its strong positive effect on the cardiovascular system and overall athletic performace. As you may know, Russian Olympic team took the most medals during the Games. And for this reason the World Anti-Doping Agency decided to add Xenon inhalation to the list of banned substances.

The use of Xenon has a long tradition in Russia, in particular. In sports but especially in medicine and psychotherapy. Xenon was at first used by military in conflict situations. Because of its unique sedative en analgesic properties, Xenon was applied to minimize shock from severe combat injuries. Further is was used to stimulate faster recoveries from physical injuries and to treat Post-Traumatic Stress. Subsequently, the use of Xenon expanded to civil hospitals, where it has been applied as anesthetic and/or analgesic, or to treat various addictions, brain dysfunctions, depression and stress.

Secondly, Xenon inhalation can remedy a number of obstacles to your vitality, such as sleepnessness, headaches, or fatigue. Further, it is used to treat addictions, such as drug and alcohol addictions. Furthermore, American psychologist Edward Meloni argues for the use of Xenon in combination with psychoterapy by people suffering from PTSD and other anxiety disorders related to emotional memory. Based on his lab research he found that Xenon interferes with neurobiological processes involved in memory consolidation (the initial formation of the memory) and more importantly that Xenon blocks memory re-consilidation (remembering the memory) by eliminating fear and other negative emotions connected with such a memory. The absence of fear or any other negative emotion is probably why you experience the feeling of joy, sometimes euphoria, during your Xenon inhalation.

Russian anesthesiologist N. Burov formulated a theory about the workings of Xenon at the molecular level of the human body. More specifically, he believes that Xenon inhalation has a supra-detoxifying effect; it eliminates toxins accumulated during our life in the water molecules of our physical body. In this manner he explains the feeling of physical regeneration and rejuvenation our clients experience after their Xenon inhalation. 

From our perspective, Xenon recharges first the human bio-energetic system, which leads to the feeling of rejuvenation, vitality and health. The surplus of Xenon energy recharges then the Prana, Chi, or Ki energy as known in Eastern teachings. That is why we observe not only effects on our health but also on our energy level, such as strength or vitality, mental and emotional energy, and spiritual energy. During deep relaxation and by providing large amount of this vital energy into the entire human organism, the internal regenerative processes take hold. They manifest first as physical changes and then as psychological healing. By eliminating our negative emotions, Xenon removes our conscious and unconscious mental limitations, as well as unwanted subconscious mental programs. The feeling of calmness and inner peace improves our sleep and relaxation, which in turn increases our vital and mental energy in the wake state.

The energy of Xenon is purifying. It liberates us from the strongest negative bonds, and enhaces our energy level. Because of that we can make significant changes in our life. The extent of transformation of our life depends primarily on the amount of Xenon energy we are able to receive or digest in our psycho-energetic system. For this reason we adopted an individual approach and adapt the concentration of the Xenon-oxygen mix during the inhalation to every client. This approach shows the best results.

To conclude, if your are trying to improve your physical health/condition, financial situation, relationships, or enhance your spiritual growth, come and try Xenon inhalation! Xenon is a very strong medium that can benefit you at many levels. The inhalation experience is life transforming yet harmonious. And not to forget, Xenon has no known undesirable side-effects!

Please join us on our journey to transformation..

Patient feedback 

Eva a Markur

 "Me and my boyfriend had come from Germany to try Xenon therapies. After a couple of therapies we experienced an incredible, for us inexplicable, change. Stress and fatigue abated, depressions disappeared and we felt full of energy.


Jana D.

 "Stress, depressions and psychological issues were my biggest problems. After three therapies my troubles are to a great extent solved. It's incredible! I'm very grateful for improving my health. I am glad I was able to learn more about your work and would like to thank all therapists for their attention and care!"


 "I suffered from migraines for 4 years. After one weak therapy ('weak' due to my age) my migraine has disappeared."


 "I stopped smoking after the first therapy following the therapist's advice. I feel better and I am grateful for it."

Rates of xenon therapy

Basic Xenon Therapy

25 minutes

CZK 2,000

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