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The use of Xenon in medicine has a long tradition, especially in Russia, from where it is gradually spreads to the whole world. In the current combat zones it is used to reduce post-traumatic stresses and to support the recovery of soldiers.

It sis alleged that Russian athletes wonthe Olympics thanks to Xenon Inhalation.

According to our experience, one Xenon therapy will elevates spiritual development by weeks or months of intense meditatio. It charges the entire energy system with strong energy, an intensive depth of consciousness for severeal daysor weeks. 

It makes it easier to enter the inner peace and relaxation of the body during meditation.

Xenon inhalation therapy

Xenon inhalation

  • positively stimulate brain activity, increases concentration and psychical performance
  • induces overall relaxation, improves mood
  • reduces fatigue, anxiety, depression and irritability
  • stimulate and improves metabolism
  • it is suitable as a substitute method in the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction and alcohol poisoning

  • accelerate rehabilitation and recovery after injuries, illnesses and surgery
  • reduces headaches
  • help to mitigate chronic fatigue syndrome and sleep disorders
  • has a strong analgesic effect
  • acts as an immunostimulating agent
  • increases performance in sport and physical activity
  • has no undesirable side effects

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Patient feedback

Eva a Markur

 "We came to the Xenon therapy with a friend from Germany. After the first therapy a huge inexplicable change for us occurred. Relieved stress, fatigue, depression disappeared. Recharged with energy. Incredibly."

Jana D.

 "Stress, psychic, depression was my big problem which is now resolved a lot after three therapies. It's incredible, and I'm very grateful for my health. I'm glad I could get to know your work and the careful approach of all three therapists - Marek, Pavel and Dominik :-) Thanks a lot."


 "I suffered from migraines for 4 years. After one week of therapy (due to my age) migraine after four years disappeared. Jupíí. Thank you very much."


 "After the first therapy I stopped smoking. It was rather thanks to the councilors of Mark, but in any case I feel better and I like it."

Rates of xenon therapy

Basic Xenon Therapy

25 minutes

CZK 2,000

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